The evolution of the trail

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You might have noticed that the trail doesn’t always appear to be linear: there are gaps in the story, people pop up without introduction, with one person not always leading to the next as you expect.

I can explain. 

Like any creative idea, The Trail was not born as a whole and perfect thing, it has evolved. The rules were not in place in the start, meaning that every now and again the trail would have to drop off, only to be picked up in an unexpected place. I considered only including those stories which could be easily traced and linked together. But to have done so would have meant leaving out some truly fascinating individuals. There’s also a range of media used – sometimes there are videos of the interviews I conducted, in some cases only the transcripts and an accompanying image. Sometimes I found using an image and transcript better than a video, which perhaps was not of the quality I wanted. In other cases, several international moves and an insane travel schedule meant that I could find myself on separate continents from the film footage I needed when posting to the blog. The idea was never to provide a complete overview of an individual, but to introduce them with the hope that your interest is piqued and it leads you to perhaps discovering more about them.

So, I decided to put everything in – to ‘show you my workings’ as it were – and let you see the evolution of the trail, without missing out on any of these Most Interesting People.

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