Sheffield Doc/Fest

The inspiring Sheffield Trail takes us to the city with the highest ration of trees to people in Europe!

Sheffield Trailer

Sheffield Part I

Stephen ‘Mal’ Mallinder

… broke into Sheffield City Hall when he was 14 years old, now, several decades later he breaks in again; this time for a spontaneous interview for Most Interesting Person.

Sheffield Part II

Jane French

… known as Frenchy, she is the heart of a very close group of friends who go ‘way back’. Loyal, fun-loving and caring group of people who showed us a side to Sheffield we feel honored to have experienced.

Sheffield Part III

Julie Stewart

… and Most Interesting Person meet on the street she was born in; the street is called Popple Street, it’s where Juliet was born, and very nearly died. A charming and humble street thriving with activity and community. At one point we stopped filming to chat to the curious mix of residents, missionaries and the BBC Radio reporter who had gathered.

Sheffield Part IV

Anthony Stewart

… Julie spoke about him with reverence, but in a way which hard to pin down. We were able to decipher that Anthony was a ‘big lad’ and that he was the subject of much Julie’s creative focus, but not much else.