Ed Cooke, Grandmaster of memory and founder of Memrise

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Ed Cooke is the most interesting person of Chris Wild, Founder of Retronaut

Ed founded the memrise platform which aims to make learning a joyful experience and has millions of members around the world. He is also a memory grandmaster champion. And, by the by casually come up with the concept of Vine.

I met Ed in the middle of Trafalgar Square during Canada Day. We found Trafalgar Square where we were expecting to find it. We were not expecting to find Canada Day, which was a loud, busy, rather irritating shout-fest curtesy of Canadian Hockey, pop, food and crowds.  Undeterred, amiable Chris donned his radio microphone and took us on a journey of his mind within the topography of the square, which he describes as, ‘like playing sport with the brain or be a tourist with the brain.’

Watch his segment here:

Check out Ed Cooke’s Memrise Platform here



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The singer, Katy Menditta

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