Amsterdamers episode 7 – The Photographer, Ruud van der Peijl

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Ruud van der Peijl is the most interesting person of Joost van Bellen.
This is a film about the interconnected lives of some of the most inspiring people living in Amsterdam.

In this episode we meet Ruud van der Peijl as he takes us on a very unusual car journey through a car wash where he likes to get up to funny business.

As always the interviewee chooses the interview spot. In this case it was representative of the way he likes to treat his subjects as he’s about to photograph them.

Ruud van der Peijl in his own words

My name is Ruud van der Peijl and people in general, sadly enough, probably know me from television although they hardly ever realize it. But, the people I respect know for being a very tall, gentle giants who is doing photography and styling.

What is special? You should ask the critics but I think what’s special about me is… [long pause] Shit. I like people I like portraits and I like to involve
styling into my photography and still make a genuine portrait.

In that way I get a picture which is sort of a real, natural portrait. But of course it is not natural at all. Or sometimes I force people to do something that reveals who they are, or who they think they are, or who I think they are.

I work in the field of styling and photography which is mostly portraying or giving a visual visual idea of things. Some people think that might be shallow but there is depth in my work. I’m a very deep and profound person. I think the first canvas you have is your body. It will never leave you so treat it well. Experiment with it and express yourself with it.

I think it’s a lot of bullshit that people say the body and mind belong together. You can do anything you want with it.

We’re driving this Mercedes 560 SEL. Me and my boyfriend are quite tall and we are also thinking about losing a lot of abilities because of old age. We hope we can hire a little Japanese chauffeur and then keep this car till we die.

That was that idea. My love of cars is due to my father who was a car salesman and I’m really crazy about cars. This is the first or the second car I have bought that I really love.
When I’m feeling sad, I really get a good feeling of this car.

I also treat her as a person. I kiss her and sometimes lick her.

We have come to the car wash next to my studio. I love car washes because it involves going through a tunnel where you experience a nice, wet, juicy machine. And that always sort of excites me.

Usually I masturbate and try to get off before we get out the other end.

I also think it’s very relaxing to listen music at the same time. We are now going through the tunnel and here I get really horny with this part. When the blue light is on it means the chassis is being cleaned.

That’s exciting.

The best part is with the soap actually. But we get another one which is a favourite of mine later. Moving further in. This one is sort of okay. Now you get the polish.

The polish is really nice as well. Then it goes like this. This fabric goes very softly over the car

Oh I like this. It’s better than drugs. It’s like an octopus. No idea what it does, actually. But the car will look sort of good.

Usually by this time I’m done and cumming together with the Machine and also after this it gets too light. I don’t want people to see me masturbate in the car of course.

Aaaah. Relief. The shower part.

If there was one book I feel the whole world should read it would be American Psycho by Bret Easton Ellis.

I like his style. I like the way he glamorizes violence especially in sex scenes.
Like it’s very horrible what he describes. Also I like the way you don’t know if it’s fantasy or reality.
I like the way he incorporates music in his descriptions and I like the way he describes what people wear for my fashion background.
I love him.

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