Amsterdamers episode 6 – The DJ, Joost van Bellen

Posted by | Vlog | October 07, 2019

DJ Joost van Bellen is the most interesting person of Label boss Kostijn Egberts.
This is a film about the interconnected lives of the most interesting people living in Amsterdam.

In this episode we meet Joost van Bellen as he takes us what was The Trouw Club. It’s glimpse back into a particular moment of Amsterdam’s clubbing history.

Joost van Bellen in his own words

I’m best known for being a DJ and a promoter for parties and festivals
I book artists and things of that nature.
We are now backstage of a club in Amsterdam. It’s called Trouw. I’ve been spending part of our life in backstages. It’s a place where I sit and wait before I go on and where I party. It gives a lot of energy because it’s temporary and things will pass. I like the concept of time passing and change. That is why we are in a dressing room at Trouw.

The music everybody in this world should hear is Steve Reich’s Music for 18 Musicians. It’s a long piece of classical, new classical music which is all about movements and patterns, the beauty of repetition so it’s about modern life and it’s also about moving forward. There’s no other music which I work better than this Steve Reich piece I’ve been playing it a lot while writing my book when I played this piece of music the words just seem to come like a waterfall.

I think a book the whole world should read is Sarah, by JT Leroy, because it’s such a disturbing book and it’s about a little girl who’s a
transgender girl, who’s being raised by her mother who is a prostitute and a drug addict. And it’s incredibly disturbing and heavy what’s going on but it also it’s incredibly beautiful and the rawness of the deco of the book is sometimes incredible and mind-blowing and the fact that JT Leroy has been sued for being a fraud because JT Leroy doesn’t exist. He’s actually a girl called Norah something, and that makes it all way way more interesting.

My most interesting person is Ruud van der Peijl. I chose somebody from the fashion industry or somebody who’s attached the fashion, because fashion is about change and it’s about the future and I really don’t like people who glorify the past because it’s a death sentence to the present and to the future and the so fashion is always about change and if there’s somebody who’s good in fashion and in visual art it’s Ruud van der Peijl Sometimes we work together and sometimes we don’t agree but at the end Ruud is always right!

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