Amsterdamers episode 1 – The Designer, Amna Mulabegovic

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This is a film about the most interesting and inspiring people of Amsterdam and the way in which they’re connected to one another.

One of the most loved words in the Dutch language is the
word gezellig. It would mean something like comfortable or whole or timeless – it’s not an easy word to translate. But Gezzelig is the thing I feel watching this film.

Meet Amna Mulabegovic

My name is Amna Mulabegovic. I’m an interior architect and I own my own company. The thing that people best know me for is my curiosity in things, and my fascination for the weirder things in life!

Design can have a deeper meaning then people realise. As such I like to find these. Sometimes I take on an impossible project that I’m determined to do. People sometimes see me as a little adventure girl that wants to get the maximum out of the minimum. However, I feel there’s more to it than that.

We are now in my house in my office actually. We’re surrounded with all things that have meaning for me. Things that have real design and real energy. They give me actual peace in my own life, the way I live and the way I do things.
Yeah we are in my own like a little fairy tale world and everything is actually. It’s me around me.

The most interesting person for me is Gesina Roters she’s one of the leading bosses of the company when I started working here in Amsterdam. She’s the creative director and the creative mind behind the company. A graphic designer and also a brilliant sketcher and very powerful and strong characteristic woman. She’s actually everything every designer wants to be and I hope I can in a way be a part of her that’s in her.

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