Music Festival trail of Portraits feat. Charlotte de Witte and De Sluwe Vos

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Find out the most interesting way to explore a music festival

We start with Tim. Tim’s the guy that makes sure the fences are up, the power is on and everything runs effortlessly. Tim knows the lay of the land so is the perfect target to start the trail. Over the course of the day we go from person to person, backstage, front of house, in the crowd, at the bar, ending up on stage with the closing set by the headline DJ.This proved to be such a fun an informative way to explore a music festival.  There are few places which attract such a diverse selection of people as a festival, particularly a festival like Welcome To The Future in Amsterdam’s beautiful Het Twiske park. Of course you will find the colourful audience, friends out to explore and discover new sites, sounds and experiences.

But things get really interesting behind the scenes and the professionals who make sure the whole production runs smoothly. Come follow this trail as we traverse through the festival.

1. Tim Koenen
Festival Production

5. Mirella Kroes

2. Mandy Haakmeester
Festival Sustainability

6. Abstract Division
DJ / Producers

3. Jill van Raan
Festival Decorations

7. Charlotte de Witte & Kemizz
DJ & Photographer

4. Yanick Hoogerwerf
Sound Engineer

8. De Sluwe Vos
DJ & Producer


Following the trailFollowing the trail. Image ©Stuart Acker Holt 2018

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