The six rules

These rules are there to help ensure the continuation of trails which do not loop or reach a dead end. They also sustain an interesting and unpredictable narrative.

1. The nominator must know the nominee, a story exists between them
2. The nominee must be alive
3. The nominator should try to avoid nominating immediate family
4. You can not nominate someone who has already been nominated on the same trail
5. The nominator should select someone with different skills and characteristics to themselves
6. Permission from the nominee must be granted before interviewing the nominator

We all have a unique story to tell

Whether an individual or a global brand, we are defined by the stories we tell. But how do you tell your story? Since 2004 Most Interesting Person has been developing a little idea to help do this, called The Trail.

A trail explores the character of an idea through the eyes of people with diverse perspectives on shared interests. The story is told through a series of connected films. Each interviewee leads to the next interviewee, the most interesting person they know.

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Working at city level, and with partners such as Philips, Van Gogh Museum and Nokia’s Social Media Week, we pinpoint the people and relationships that underpin brands, culture and society through powerful story-telling.

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