Angie Mason, the undercover journalist

Posted by | Education, London, parenting | January 03, 2010

Angie Mason is the most interesting person of Sir Roger Graef

Roger Graef kindly offered to put me in touch with Angie Mason, his nominee.  And this time I brought my camera with me when I went to meet.  I began, what I would come to call, following the trail.

I went to meet Angie at her home in West Hampstead and before long we were sitting in her living room drinking tea. This too was significant as it was the first time I felt how the project would literally open doors into people’s private lives and treat me as their friends, or at least a friend of a friend. And in some senses that is what we were.

Transcript of interview – Angie Mason nominates Nicky Ezer 

“The person i would like to nominate as my most interesting person is Nicky Ezer. I’m fascinate