Dame Zandra Rhodes, British Fashion Designer

Posted by | Design, Fashion, London | August 02, 2011

Who is your most interesting person? The most interesting person I know is my good friend, the sculptor Andrew Logan. Zandra at home, and her design factory. “The most interesting person I know is my good friend, the sculptor Andrew Logan. I never went to college or studied fashion. And although I’ve done ok and have […]

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John Pearse, Tailor

Posted by | Fashion, London, male | June 10, 2010

John Pearse is the most interesting person of Talvin Singh, OBE John Pearse is a man who seems to have lived more lives than anyone I’ve met. Over the course of our conversation I heard so many interesting anecdotes, was amazed over and over again – it was too much for one blog post really. Instead of […]

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Rico Rodriguez MBE, SKA Reggae trombonist

Posted by | London, male, music | March 11, 2010

Rico Rodriguez is the most interesting person of Jerry Dammers One of Rico Rodriguez’s defining musical moments is his trombone riff in The Specials’ track, A Message To You Rudy, which he recorded with Jerry Dammer in 1979. Rico’s life and career spans Cuba, Jamaica and London. He was taught by Don Drummond who is widely regarded […]

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The road trip with Suade Bergemann

Posted by | finance, flying, music, parenting | January 01, 2010

  Fittingly, it began on a road trip My favourite university lecturer became my best friend, his name was Suade Bergemann. It was 2004 and we were on a road trip driving through the Alps and Suade was being fascinating, as usual. He was telling me about the geology of the land around us and how it […]

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