Roger Burton curator, collector and founder of the Horse Hospital

Posted by | Collecting, exhibition, Film, London, male, Photography, venue | September 06, 2011

“My names Roger Burton. i’m primarily a collector, a collector of things; mostly fashion items from the last 50 years. And magazines and toys and god knows. Through my collecting instincts I’ve met some very interesting people who also collect and since i’ve been in this building I’ve started to collect people and art and films and other interesting items. mostly because I work in the film industry and a lot of what i have to do is pretty mundane and this building allows me to do what I want to do without producers and directors telling me what to do. And I encourage people coming into this space to be free and do what they want to do within the space.

A lot of my work stems from the fact that I was not trained. I had no formal training whatsoever. So I drawn to kids and people who were naturally gifted and who were really driven to produce their art or their film or their piece of work and really there is nowhere else in london where kids like that can go and show their work because it’s not recognised because they didn’t go to university or whatever. So I try and give them a chance and help them up the ladder as it were.