Stephen ‘Mal’ Mallinder

  1. Stephen ‘Mal’ Mallinder
  2. Jane French
  3. Julie Stewart
  4. Anthony Stewart

Stephen Mallinder hosts the Sheffield Trail

Stephen Mallinder broke into Sheffield City Hall when he was 14 years old, now, several decades later he breaks in again; this time for a spontaneous interview for Most Interesting Person.

Mallinder is famed for subverting rules within the cultural landscape also. Within music, as a founding member of Cabaret Voltaire he pioneered an electronic audio/visual experience that continues to influence the electronic music landscape.

But on a more intimate level Mallinder was the perfect representative of Sheffield; a city which defines itself more than most, by the character of the people living there. Friendship are esteemed, and Mallinder was quick to welcome me, and the project into his world.

Stuart Acker Holt

The Five Questions

What is your name and what would you say people best know you for?
Stephen Mallinder, known for working with music and sound and founding Cabaret Voltaire.

Where are we and why is this place interesting for you?
We are in Sheffield City Hall, a portal into a world of music.

If there was one book the whole world should read, which book would that be?
Eyeless in Gaza, by Aldous Huxley. This booked opened up new perspectives on the world for me.

If there was one piece of music the world should hear which piece would that be?
Brian Eno’s Sparrowfall, it is just a stunning piece of music.

Who is the Most Interesting person you know in Sheffield and why?
Jane French. She optimises everything that is charming and great about this city.