The road trip with Suade Bergemann

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Fittingly, it began on a road trip

My favourite university lecturer became my best friend, his name was Suade Bergemann. It was 2004 and we were on a road trip driving through the Alps and Suade was being fascinating, as usual. He was telling me about the geology of the land around us and how it was formed. We were listening to the radio and he was telling me where all the samples in the music were originally recorded. He taught me how to recognise species of trees by their silhouette. He was being so bloody fascinating.

Suade Bergemann

Suade Bergemann

I felt boring. I had nothing to add to the conversation as Suade was able to apply his deep understanding of broad trivia to the every day. I figured Suade must find most people boring actually, as he functions at the higher level. I also thought the one person he finds most interesting would be someone truly fascinating. Someone, as a photographer I would love to photograph.

So I asked him, “Suade, who’s the most interesting person you know?”

He told me about his uncle Sir Roger Graef, the BAFTA award winning documentary film maker. “Roger’s films have changed the world we live in.”

Suade told me about his uncle;  “His films have changed the world I grew up in. For example the way victims of rape are handled by the police, how the UK communicates with British pri