This bit describes the boring people involved in creating the Most Interesting Person. We don’t have fun or enjoy our work or get on with each other particularly well.

Stuart Holt
Founder / Director / Still Photography
check out::: his photography website digitalondon

Arnold Beuttenmeuller 
Head of Production / Cinematographer

How Stuart met, Arnold.

Stuart met Arnold at a rave in Cologne, or was it Frankfurt in the summer of 2004. He was working with one of the DJ’s playing there and he was on stage.  He saw a familiar face in the crowd, a friend had made friends with Arnold.  Soon after he went for a bungee jump and asked Arnold to hold his camera, which he did, and continues to do often.

Kate Michaelson
Producer (London)

How Stuart met, Kate.

Since Stuart has known what it is to know, he has had the friend-like-a-sister called Rebecca Geller, who is very wise and went to school with Kate Michaelson.  This maneuver led to all sorts of pre-interweb fiddles and fundlings.  And now there is the world wide interweb, which Kate invented and controls through gmail, Skype and i-cal. Stuart can’t begin to describe how useful this is and wants to thank Kate for thinking of it.

Priscila Fulop Pontanova
Production (Sâo Paulo)

How Stuart met, Priscila.

Priscila was sitting on some grass in Berlin when Arnold came up to her and asked about her tattoo. Soon after Priscila came to London and needed a place to stay so Arnold told her to stay at Stuart’s house and give him the key to his new apartment in Berlin. Priscila delivered Stuart key and then when Stuart went to Sâo Paulo, Priscila gave Stuart her key.

Neil Gordon
Cinematographer (London)
check out::: his film company Get Gold and the band Chieftown

How Stuart met, Neil.

Neil is a fixie riding, guitar playing, drumming, photographic cool son of a gun, about to have one of his own.  He got steeze, end of.
Stuart met him so long ago he can’t recall the moment it started – maybe in an attic, maybe in a park, maybe in Windsor – it was definitely smoking and boggy.  Neil thankfully has just always been around, which has made the adventure of it all, all the more adventurefull.

Joel Mischcon
Head of film
check out::: his film company Chrome

How Stuart met, Joel.

When Stuart boarded a train when he was 15 years old, he bumped into Joel Mishcon. They were both on their way to the Guns ‘n Roses concert at Wembley stadium.  Joel then went off and grew up, but never far from Stuart who did the same near Joel.

Ali Kurtze
Programming / Flash
check out::: Just how strage Ali is here

How Stuart met, Ali.

When Stuart was younger but old he made raves and Ali made visuals on the wall to go along with the music.  Now Stuart is older but young and Ali makes visuals on the screen.

Simon Canaway
Branding / Website design
check out::: Simon’s design studio  Supanaught

How Stuart met, Simon.

Simon spends most of his time living inside a computer and communicates through decentralised applications.  Stuart met Simon through a mutual I.P. mirror called Suade Bergemann, who doubles as Stuart’s best friend in Newcastle where Stuart spent ages studying badly but having a very nice time.  Stuart recommends Newcastle to everyone – no one thinks it’s a good place but it is a very good place.  People there are better then people anywhere else where they speak English in.  For example, Simon is very very very polite and Stuart likes him a lot.  Stuart thinks Simon is friends with everyone in Europe.

Helge Barske
check out::: Helge’s design studio Barske

How Stuart met, Helge.

Well, oh lord, mercy and forgiveness. Stuart went out in Berlin one day and came back several days later… When he got back, Helge had become someone Stuart had met.

Helge is definitively excellent and amusing and unusual and German and has a girls name and is very difficult not to want around when funny things happen and funny things happen when Helge is around so Helge is actually mutually beneficial to himself.

Stephen Parker
Editor (English Language)
check out::: Stephen’s band website, the Mars Patrol

How Stuart met, Stephen

Stephen is a bonafide rock star moonlighting as an editor. He also does this the other way round equally well but Stuart did not meet Stephen the rock star, or Stephen the editor. Stuart met Stephen in the pub.  By the way Stuart does have a face, it’s just that Stuart doesn’t have photo of it.

Maria Fernanda Batalha
Editor (Portuguese Language)

How Stuart met, Maria.

Well one day Stuart left Sâo Paulo and went to Rio and when he got there it was 41 degrees and the world was melting Stuart’s brain. And all Stuart wants when it’s 41 degrees in Rio when the world is melting his brain is to dive into a swimming pool in the back yard of a super hot Brazilian girl’s house who is also an amazingly talented bi-lingual film editor.  So that’s what Stuart got, and that’s how Stuart met Maria.

Torsten Schnabel
Check out::: Torsten’s translation company 

How Stuart met, Torsten.

Stuart wasn’t feeling well and wanted to stay at home but decided to go to Wohnzimmer because it’s close to his house in Prenzlauer Berg and Ali was leaving the next day so he did and he sat next to Torsten who tried to teach him German and wasn’t actually bad at all, in fact he was very good. So the next week they met and tried figure stuff out and did and now they figure stuff out together all the time.