Chris Wild, Retronaut

Posted by | Art, Collecting, Documentary, history, London, male, Photography | September 10, 2011

Chris Wild is the most interesting person of John Mitchinson, director of QI

“Most of us imagine the past in black and white. The earliest colour pictures were taking in the 1870s so when we see those early colour pictures they look like now, because they’re in colour. But it’s a different version of now. So I started to collect these pictures because they gave me a kind of time travelling buzz.”

Laughing Victorians. From the Retronaut Archive

Laughing Victorians. From the Retronaut Archive

“We often think we need money or to overcome some other obstacle before we can do what we want to do, we think we need X before we can do Y. But actually we can start right away. But with Retronaut, which has become very popular, I got just as much satisfaction on day one as I do now. That’s not changed. The making of it is the reward. Even if I think back to when I first showed these early photographs to my friend in the pub before I’d started making the blog this was true. Because I was curating, I was saying look at this picture, and that’s exactly what i’m doing still just on a bigger scale