John Mitchinson, Director of QI Television Show

Posted by | history, London, male, TV | June 03, 2015

John Mitchinson is the most interesting person of Roger Burton. He took us to a defunct London railway to demonstrate the battle between Man and Nature. I brought you somewhere I think is more than quite interesting. It’s a disused railway line in the north of London. It’s called the Northern Hight’s Railway and it runs […]

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Roger Burton curator, collector and founder of the Horse Hospital

Posted by | Collecting, exhibition, Film, London, male, Photography, venue | May 23, 2015

Roger Burton is the most interesting person of Rico Rodriguez “My names Roger Burton. i’m primarily a collector, a collector of things; mostly fashion items from the last 50 years. And magazines and toys and god knows. Through my collecting instincts I’ve met some very interesting people who also collect and since i’ve been in […]

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Rico Rodriguez MBE, SKA Reggae trombonist

Posted by | London, male, music | May 18, 2015

Rico Rodriguez is the most interesting person of Jerry Dammers One of Rico Rodriguez’s defining musical moments is his trombone riff in The Specials’ track, A Message To You Rudy, which he recorded with Jerry Dammer in 1979. Rico’s life and career spans Cuba, Jamaica and London. He was taught by Don Drummond who is widely regarded […]

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Caroline Coon, coined the term ‘Punk’

Posted by | Art, London | April 02, 2015

freedom of speech is not limited to the inoffensive but extended also to the irritating, the contentious, the eccentric, the heretical, the unwelcome and the provocative. As long as such speech does not tend to provoke violence. And as an artist this is also why i love London because it has established my right as […]

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