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What is The Most Interesting Person?

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We all have a unique story to tell

Whether an individual or a global brand, we are defined by the stories we tell. But how do you tell your story? Since 2004 Most Interesting Person has been developing a little idea to help do this, called The Trail.

A trail explores the character of an idea through the eyes of people with diverse perspectives on shared interests. The story is told through a series of connected films. Each interviewee leads to the next interviewee, the most interesting person they know.

Working at city level, and with partners such as Philips, Van Gogh Museum and Nokia’s Social Media Week, we pinpoint the people and relationships that underpin brands, culture and society through powerful story-telling. Read about our partner case-studies here.

TEDx presentation by Stuart Acker Holt

Check out Stuart, MIP founder presenting at TEDx Munich

Stories from the Archive
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Amsterdamers episode 6 – The DJ, Joost van Bellen

DJ Joost van Bellen is the most interesting person of Label boss Kostijn Egberts. This is a film about the interconnected lives of the most interesting people living in Amsterdam. In this episode we meet Joost van Bellen as he takes us what was The Trouw Club. It’s glimpse back into a particular moment of […]

Kostijn Egberts is the most interesting person of Otto Nan

Amsterdamers episode 5 – The Manager, Kostijn Egberts

Label boss and Jeugd van Tegenwoordig manager Kostijn Egberts is the most interesting person of Hotelier Otto Nan. In this episode we meet Kostijn Egberts. We’re ask what it’s like to manage the most interesting and unique hip hop group in the Netherlands and he tells us what he has to say about being a […]

Otto Nan is the most interesting person of Willem Baars

Amsterdamers episode 4 – The Hotelier, Otto Nan

This is a film about Amsterdam, and the most interesting and inspiring people that make Amsterdam the city it is. Otto Nan is the most interesting person of the gallerist Willem Baars. Otto took a beautiful old building, with an extraordinary history. It’s been a prison, it’s been a squat and now it’s this amazing […]


Amsterdamers episode 3 – The Gallerist, Willem Baars

This series is about the most interesting and inspiring people living in Amsterdam. In this episode we meet Willem Baars, who runs Baars Projects; a small but beautiful gallery in the centre of Amsterdam. Willem is a man on a mission to disrupt the Amsterdam Art World and he doesn’t mince his words; What is […]

Gesina Roters

Amsterdamers episode 2 – The Agency Boss, Gesina Roters

This is a film about Amsterdam and the most interesting and inspiring people who live here and the way that they are connected to one another.  In this episode we meet Gesina Roters. She runs a design agency here in Amsterdam called DAY and we meet her in her apartment talking to her former student […]

Amsterdamers Episode 1

Amsterdamers episode 1 – The Designer, Amna Mulabegovic

This is a film about the most interesting and inspiring people of Amsterdam and the way in which they’re connected to one another. One of the most loved words in the Dutch language is the word gezellig. It would mean something like comfortable or whole or timeless – it’s not an easy word to translate. […]


Music Festival trail of Portraits feat. Charlotte de Witte and De Sluwe Vos

Find out the most interesting way to explore a music festival We start with Tim. Tim’s the guy that makes sure the fences are up, the power is on and everything runs effortlessly. Tim knows the lay of the land so is the perfect target to start the trail. Over the course of the day […]


Crumb_ project launches at Welcome To The Future

Pleased to present Crumb_ the new documentary project from the makers of MIP. Tells the story of the people and ideas that underpin our collective experiences.


Why you should talk to strangers

How leaving your comfort zone takes you where you need to go Imagine it was up to you to choose one person to speak on the illustrious TED stage. Who would you choose to speak?  Try and think of someone you know personally, not someone abstract like the pope. Rather, someone you share a story with in your […]


The evolution of the trail

You might have noticed that the trail doesn’t always appear to be linear: there are gaps in the story, people pop up without introduction, with one person not always leading to the next as you expect. I can explain.  Like any creative idea, The Trail was not born as a whole and perfect thing, it […]


Katy Menditta, what could you know about love?

14 year old singer songwriter Katy Menditta is the most interesting person of Ed Cooke, Grandmaster of memory and founder of memrise. Hear her sing about love in the video below. A song that her nominee Ed Cooke describes as ’empirical evidence that emotion does not come from experience.”  


Ed Cooke, Grandmaster of memory and founder of Memrise

Ed Cooke is the most interesting person of Chris Wild, Founder of Retronaut Ed founded the memrise platform which aims to make learning a joyful experience and has millions of members around the world. He is also a memory grandmaster champion. And, by the by casually come up with the concept of Vine. I met […]


Chris Wild, Retronaut

Chris Wild is the most interesting person of John Mitchinson, director of QI “Most of us imagine the past in black and white. The earliest colour pictures were taking in the 1870s so when we see those early colour pictures they look like now, because they’re in colour. But it’s a different version of now. So I […]


John Mitchinson, Director of QI Television Show

John Mitchinson is the most interesting person of Roger Burton. He took us to a defunct London railway to demonstrate the battle between Man and Nature. I brought you somewhere I think is more than quite interesting. It’s a disused railway line in the north of London. It’s called the Northern Hight’s Railway and it runs […]


Roger Burton curator, collector and founder of the Horse Hospital

“My names Roger Burton. i’m primarily a collector, a collector of things; mostly fashion items from the last 50 years. And magazines and toys and god knows. Through my collecting instincts I’ve met some very interesting people who also collect and since i’ve been in this building I’ve started to collect people and art and […]


Gina Birch, founding member of punk band The Raincoats

Gina Birch is the most interesting person of Caroline Coon “I was completely besotted with conceptual art, land art and fine art and Punk was really interwoven for me.  It was new way of looking at the world, a way of finding my own voice that didn’t subscribe to the status quo.” Gina Birch is […]


Caroline Coon, coined the term ‘Punk’

Caroline Coon is the most interesting person of Duggie Fields freedom of speech is not limited to the inoffensive but extended also to the irritating, the contentious, the eccentric, the heretical, the unwelcome and the provocative. As long as such speech does not tend to provoke violence. And as an artist this is also why […]


Dame Zandra Rhodes, British Fashion Designer

Who is your most interesting person? The most interesting person I know is my good friend, the sculptor Andrew Logan. Zandra at home, and her design factory. “The most interesting person I know is my good friend, the sculptor Andrew Logan. I never went to college or studied fashion. And although I’ve done ok and have […]


John Pearse, Tailor

John Pearse is the most interesting person of Talvin Singh, OBE John Pearse is a man who seems to have lived more lives than anyone I’ve met. Over the course of our conversation I heard so many interesting anecdotes, was amazed over and over again – it was too much for one blog post really. Instead of […]


Talvin Singh OBE, Bringing tabla to the world via East London

Since crashing the scene in the early 90’s and winning the Mercury Music Prize in 1999, Singh has been relentlessly carving his individual sound, reformulating influences from East and West into the audiosphere. Who is your most interesting person? John Pearse, tailor


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