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We all have a unique story to tell

Whether an individual or a global brand, we are defined by the stories we tell. But how do you tell your story? Since 2004 Most Interesting Person has been developing a little idea to help do this, called The Trail.

A trail explores the character of an idea through the eyes of people with diverse perspectives on shared interests. The story is told through a series of connected films. Each interviewee leads to the next interviewee, the most interesting person they know.

Working at city level, and with partners such as Philips, Van Gogh Museum and Nokia’s Social Media Week, we pinpoint the people and relationships that underpin brands, culture and society through powerful story-telling. Read about our partner case-studies here.

TEDx presentation by Stuart Acker Holt

Check out Stuart, MIP founder presenting at TEDx Munich

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Image by Eutah Mizushima licensed via Unsplash https://unsplash.com/photos/2TlAsvhqiL0

Why you should talk to strangers

How leaving your comfort zone takes you where you need to go Imagine it was up to you to choose one person to speak on the illustrious TED stage. Who would you choose to speak?  Try and think of someone you know personally, not someone abstract like the pope. Rather, someone you share a story with in your […]


The evolution of the trail

You might have noticed that the trail doesn’t always appear to be linear: there are gaps in the story, people pop up without introduction, with one person not always leading to the next as you expect. I can explain.  Like any creative idea, The Trail was not born as a whole and perfect thing, it […]


Katy Menditta, what could you know about love?

14 year old singer songwriter Katy Menditta is the most interesting person of Ed Cooke, Grandmaster of memory and founder of memrise. Hear her sing about love in the video below. A song that her nominee Ed Cooke describes as ’empirical evidence that emotion does not come from experience.”  


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